Who doesn’t love PIZZA?  This is a carry over from our sister company Buzz Bakehouse who built the famous WOOD FIRED BREAD OVEN and moved elsewhere – actually almost next door.  What a great inheritance!  The bread oven is a unique and different technology to a Pizza Oven. Informative stuff.? You can make better Pizzas in a bread oven because of the smooth regulated constant temperature. But you cannot bake bread in a Pizza oven because of constant temperature fluctuations and escaping heat up the centre flue – (that is chimney…..not a high fever sickness). That is why our Pizzas are just sooooo good and properly cooked. We have a wide variety of toppings as you can see on our menu but we can mix and match and also let you create your own collage of edibles. Just ask and if we have the ingredients then we will oblige.

Come check us out at: Jl Drupadi II, No 88 Seminyak